Mere Fear

By Rod Machado Fear. It’s a nasty little word that most pilots treat like someone’s bad toupee. Don’t think about it; don’t speak of it and, if it attracts your attention, pretend you don’t notice it. We often try to ignore fear and, in the process, we deny what it represents. In fact, a little …

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Pilot Demons

By Rod Machado On the day of my first flying lesson, a tiny voice spoke to me in a Sicilian-like accent. It pleaded, “Rodney, donta goh, donta goh. I cook you pasta, I cook you pizza. Just donta goh flying today,” I’ll never forget that voice—it came from my grandmother, standing in the kitchen. I …

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Why We Fly

By Rod Machado Pop psychologist Leo Buscaglia once said, “When you learn something new, you become something new.” This is a vivid description of the benefits of learning to fly. Students, in the throes of flight training, are constantly undergoing profound personal changes. They’re becoming something new with each flight because of the unique perspective …

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