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Aviation is an exciting and fun business and Rod’s training philosophy keeps it that way.

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With our courses you not only learn how aviation concepts work but also the reasons why they work.

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These interactive eLearning courses are animated, interactive and engaging, making learning fun!


Earn points, achievement badges and graduation certificates for all of your aviation accomplishments.

Rod Machado's Most Popular eGround School Course

Rod Machado's Interactive eLearning Private Pilot eGround School

Your Instructor: Rod Machado


Rod Machado
  • 10,000 hours of flight instruction given
  • Author & illustrator of seven aviation books
  • Author of over 380 aviation articles
  • FAA appointed National Accident Prevention Counselor
  • AOPA National CFI Spokesman for 15 Years
  • Holds Airline Transport Rating
  • He’s the voice of the Microsoft Flight Sim instructor and personally wrote all the essential flight lessons for that software.
  • Degrees in Psychology and Aviation Science

Rod Machado’s uses his Laugh and Learn training style to help you learn quickly and efficiently. Learning should be fun and Rod makes it that way.

Rod provides all students with many different means of learning necessary skills. These include interactive eLearning courses with hundreds of interactive questions, books, audiobooks (for those who like to learn while driving or running and videos.

What Rod's Students Have to Say

The Best Course Around!

This course is invaluable. Rod Machado's Complete "Digital" Private Pilot Collection is a very highly developed and masterful Instructional course for Student pilots and even Veteran Pilots like myself. Should there ever be any Private Pilot Training course that I would recommend, It is this one. This course, including many others that Rod Machado has developed, has truly helped me to become a more proficient pilot. What you learn and retain in the initial stages of your tenure as a pilot can stay with you until the day you make your last flight. This is why I say to any aspiring pilot who wishes to learn the best practices and Saftey in being a top notch pilot, This course is for you. Whether you are new to the world of aviation, or one who has experience in aviation, this course is the right one for you. I always believe that "Repetition is the Mother of Skill", and the goal of any method of learning is "Constant and Never-ending Improvement". This course is indeed a 5 Star Rating in my book. Garrick Pattenden, CPL,in CYQG Canada
Garrick D. Pattenden

Learn to Fly? This course is for you.

If you've ever wanted to learn to fly but thought there was no way you could learn and understand everything, then this is for you. I thought I was to old to learn to fly, but Rod lays everything out in a logical and humorous manner that not only makes learning easier...but fun. Rod will walk through everything in video format that helps make the complex easy to understand with various quizzes to test your understanding; backed up with his easy to follow Private Pilot Handbook to reference. From aerodynamics, engine, instruments, air space, weather, FAR's...literally everything you need to know is in one place...right here! You can't go wrong with a program that allows you to access it from both the web and your Smart tablet that will turn you into a binge learner. I'm excited to starting my flight training and with this program I am confident I will succeed in achieving my dream of flying.
Todd Vanderwerken


AwesomeI always wanted to learn to fly but wasn't willing to lay out the cash for something I wasn't sure I would be able to learn. Rod's interactive program with the quizzes at the end of each section have me excited to finally sign up for real flight lessons. Rod has a way of taking complex subjects and breaking them down into easily understood pieces that when put together give me an understanding so much more quickly than I expected! Rod has made this a fun experience and I look forward to each new lesson! If you have any doubts that you can learn to fly, Rod's course will give you the confidence and excitement to make your dreams a reality.

Super Awesome eLearning Course

Get ready to have your mind blown away seriously. This course covers all the in depth to IFR approach and DP's and Stars just tons and tons of information. I thought I knew it all but man was I wrong good thing I got bought this course and very happy with the teaching from Rod. I highly recommend this course its very helpful and good humor as well I suggest getting some coffee or tea before starting cause this course is packed with so much information.
Luis Ruiz

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